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Brooklyn via Sweden: New Carnegie Brewery opens next week in Stockholm

After two years of behind-the-scenes planning and months of construction, Nya Carnegiebryggeriet will open for business next week in Stockholm, Sweden. You might wonder what that mouthful of letters is and why it’s relevant to New York beer drinkers. Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is translated as New Carnegie Brewery, and its owners include Brooklyn Brewery, marking the first time an American craft brewery has operated a brewery overseas.

It wasn’t a big surprise that Brooklyn Brewery would eye Sweden - it’s their largest export market by far. Any given weekend, you’ll find Swedish tourists visiting their brewery in Williamsburg. There’s a certain appeal to Brooklyn as a borough among Swedes. “In Sweden we’ve found a real community that has welcomed us with open arms,” Brooklyn brewmaster Garrett Oliver explained. “It’s only natural that we partner with our friends here to create a new chapter in brewing.”

The brewery, in the Hammarby Sjöstad section of Stockholm, will be relatively small - brewing less than 3,000 barrels of beer in their first year - but will offer a wide variety of beers, like the Pale Ale, Kellerbier, and Dark Spiced Saison that will be on their opening lineup. The beers are brewed by a team led by brewmaster Anders Wendler. The team spent time training under Oliver at Brooklyn’s Williamsburg facility before brewing on the new equipment in Stockholm. The name is a nod to Sweden’s own brewing traditions - Carlsberg-owned Carnegie Porter has been brewed in the country since 1836, and Brooklyn even imported it to the U.S.

The restaurant on the premises will focus on beer and food pairings. Chef Billy White is embracing the alignment with Brooklyn Brewery by striving to put into action the pairing ideas put forth in Garret Oliver’s 2005 book, The Brewmaster’s Table. The food won’t be typical bar food - it’ll eschew the traditional sausages and pretzels for a more refined menu.

Beers from Nya Carnegiebryggeriet will be sold by the bottle and on draft. They’ll have five draft lines at the bar for their beers, plus one each for co-owner Carlsberg, Brooklyn Brewery-branded beer, and a local Swedish craft brewer. They’ll also serve cask beer and will offer a bottle list that includes special vintage beers.

Below are descriptions of the five beers that will debut at opening:

  • Nya Carnegie - Amber (4.8%)
    Nya Carnegie Amber is designed to be enjoyed with food and be as versatile as possible. It goes excellent with grilled or fried meats and vegetables.

    - Style: Amber Ale
    - Malt: Floor-malted Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt, Amber Malt, Melanoidin Malt from Great Britain
    - Hops: Perle (bittering), Fuggles (aroma)
    - Yeast: Brooklyn House Ale
    - ABV: 4.8%
    - Original Gravity: 11.8° Plato
  • Nya Carnegie – J.A.C.K. (4.5%) a Pale Ale that goes perfectly with fish and shellfish, food with Indian spices and fattier dishes.

    Style: Pale Ale
    - Malt: Floor-malted Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt, Light Crystal Malt from the UK
    - Hops: Willamette (bittering), Admiral and Bravo (aroma and dry hop)
    - Yeast: Brooklyn House Ale
    - ABV: 4.5%
    - Original Gravity: 10° Plato
  • Nya Carnegie Kellerbier (5.9%)
    A Kellerbier with a personal touch whose ambition is to be the best of them all. Goes perfect with shellfish, herring, salmon and Thai food.

    Style: Kellerbier
    - Malt: Floor-malted Bohemian Hanka Pilsner Malt
    - Hops: Perle (bittering), Czech Saaz and German Mittelfruh (aroma)
    - Yeast: Weihenstephaner Lager yeast
    - ABV: 5.9%
    - Original Gravity: 14° Plato
  • Nya Carnegie – Lumens In Tenebris (6.7%)
    Lumens in Tenebris is the product of an experiment where the brewer was given free hands. It has the foundation of a traditional saison, but is deliberately dark. Different types of pepper are added towards the end of the process. These are balanced by dark Belgian candy syrup. The result is a harmony where tones of caramel contrast peppery spices. Lovely with broiled scallops and fish, charcuteries and Asian flavors, especially hoisin.

    Style: Dark Spiced Saison
    - Malt: Weyermann Pilsner Malt, Wheat Malt, De-husked Black Malt
    - Hops: Perle (bittering), Saaz (aroma)
    - Yeast: Belgian Saison yeast
    - ABV: 6.7%
    - Original Gravity: 14.5° Plato
  • Nya Carnegie – Primus Lux (7.0%)
    This is a winter ale with a balanced bitterness. It is dark and has tones of caramel and roasted sweetness, with hints of coffee and chocolate. Goes with braised meat, stews, dark sauces, sturdy soups and desserts, especially chocolate.

    - Style: Strong Dark Ale
    - Malt: German Pale, Munich and Cara Malts. English Crystal and Pale Chocolate Malts.
    - Additive: Muscovado Sugar
    - Hops: Galena (bittering), Bramling Cross (aroma)
    - Yeast: Brooklyn House Ale
    - ABV: 7.0%
    - Original Gravity: 17° Plato

Nya Carnegiebryggeriet will open next Wednesday, April 9th.

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