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Manhattan’s first homebrew shop opens at Whole Foods Bowery Beer Room

For years, Manhattan’s homebrewers had to venture far off the island in order to get homebrew supplies. It wasn’t long ago that they had to go to the outer reaches of Queens just to pick up a packet of hop pellets. Then came Brooklyn Brew Shop, Brooklyn Homebrew, and The Brooklyn Kitchen, small businesses that brought supplies within reach with a subway ride. But now, Manhattanites won’t even have to venture off the island, as the Whole Foods Bowery Beer Room at the corner of Houston and Chrystie has rolled out their new homebrew department.

Already, the supplies are starting to pop up on the shelves. Carboys, bottles, caps and cappers, tubing, brewpots, and even wort chillers are available now at the shop. The store expects to have grains, hops, and yeast for sale in the next couple of weeks. While the store probably won’t offer the same expert level of service that some of the smaller stores provide, the prices are in line with the competition in Brooklyn, and Whole Foods’ longer hours (8am-11pm every day) mean that it’ll be a great spot to pick up some last-minute provisions for that late-night homebrewing session.

If that last paragraph was all Greek to you, you might want to consider signing up for The Brooklyn Kitchen’s two-hour homebrewing class. For $125, you learn everything you need to know to get started with brewing, and you get $80 worth of equipment so you can brew at home. They’re holding a class tonight, but will also offer classes on July 15th and July 28th. And for anyone intimidated by a lack of space, consider that my small East Village kitchen, pictured below, is where I brew every ounce of all-grain homebrew I make.

Don’t be scared. Dive in!

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