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Good Beer Seal announces ten new inductees, adds New Jersey and Long Island

Winners of the Good Beer Seal and committee members pose with Jimmy Carbone of Jimmy’s No. 43 and the city’s proclamation of July Good Beer Month

In a ceremony last night at 82 Mercer, the Good Beer Seal committee announced ten new bars as inductees. These bars will now proudly display the Good Beer Seal, which certifies bars that don’t just merely offer craft beer, but celebrate it. In addition to adding several bars in the five boroughs, the committee chose five bars outside of the city - in nearby New Jersey and on Long Island - that were also worthy of the seal.

The selections were made by a committee of beer experts and writers (full disclosure: the editor of this site was on the committee) who spent two months evaluating newly-opened bars and some neighborhood favorites that hadn’t been judged in the previous three years of the program. The mantra, according to the seal’s founders, is to give craft beer enthusiasts a one-stop shop for finding bars worthy of a visit:

A Good Beer Seal Bar is independently owned and operated and has a unique sense of place; making it more than just another watering hole. A Good Beer Seal Bar is destination-worthy. In addition to offering at least 80% craft domestic/special imported beers, a Good Beer Seal Bar engages its staff and guests in educational offerings regarding the history and originality of the beers it serves. A bar that earns a Good Beer Seal will be active in its local and global community through responsible stewardship and charitable actions. If The Good Beer Seal is on the door, good business practices, good atmosphere, and good beer is inside.

The ten new inductees, listed below, will join the 40 other bars already in the program.

- Proletariat (102 St. Marks Pl., at 1st Ave., East Village)
- The Pony Bar UES (1444 First Ave. at 75th St., Upper East Side)

- The Owl Farm (297 9th St., at 5th Ave., Park Slope)

Alewife (5-14 51st Ave., at 5th St., Long Island City)
The Queens Kickshaw (40-17 Broadway, at 41st St., Astoria)

- Barcade Jersey City (163 Newark Ave., at Erie St., Jersey City)
- Pint (34 Wayne St., at Grove St., Jersey City)

- Black Sheep Ale House (78 2nd St., at Roslyn Rd., Mineola)
- Tap and Barrel (558 Smithtown Bypass, at Hauppauge Blvd., Smithtown)
- T.J. Finley’s (42 E. Main St., at 3rd Ave., Bay Shore)

The expansion to Long Island and New Jersey was important for Good Beer Seal co-founder Jimmy Carbone. “A lot of our Good Beer Seal bars have visitors from New Jersey and Long Island,” he explained, “but we want to make sure they’re going to their locals that serve good beer as well.”

Edible Manhattan's Good Beer event at 82 Mercer last night capped off a full month of events that included a three-part “Craft Beer Jam” at the Greene Space and the New York State Food and Beer Expo on the Williamsburg Waterfront.

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