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Blind Tiger defends itself after error-ridden Post article


A screenshot of an error-ridden article in the New York Post that is not deserving of a link

In something that should surprise almost no one who follows the shoddy journalistic practices of the New York Post, an article in the tabloid yesterday incorrectly accused Blind Tiger Ale House (281 Bleecker St., at Jones St., Greenwich Village) of underpouring beers.

The article, which we refuse to link to as it would give the tabloid pageviews it doesn’t deserve, documents the common practice of serving craft beers in smaller vessels. In some cases, bars have switched to 14-ounce glasses that they try to pass off as pint glasses, but few, if any, actually sell them as 16-ounce beers. The Post writers accuse bars involved in this practice of ripping people off, which is within their right to do, if they are still calling these pints.

But in the case of Blind Tiger - and likely some of the other bars the Post “investigated” - they were badly mistaken. The Blind Tiger states plainly that their pint glasses are indeed 16-ounces, and the volume of each of their beers is clearly posted on their menu. If the Post had looked at the menu at Blind Tiger when ordering, they would have known this. Instead, they must have ordered a 12-ounce beer and were shocked - SHOCKED! - when the 12-ounce beer they ordered was poured it into a pint glass and it didn’t fill the whole thing.

The Tiger’s statement, as posted on Facebook:

Not only do we clearly display the size of smaller pours on our menu (8, 12 and 14 ounce pours), but all of our ‘pints’ are indeed 16 ounces. We love our Tigerites and are not looking to skimp anyone.

You missed the pint, big time, New York Post, by not fact checking this article before you published it.

Another bar accused in the article, Village Pourhouse (64 3rd Ave, at 11th St., East Village), also serves higher-alcohol Belgian beers in smaller serving vessels, as is expected. They too denied the Post's accusation when confronted by a reporter, and was quoted in the article. And let's not forget that a 16-ounce pint glass is 16 ounces to the brim. If your customer is a Post reporter, and you’re pouring the beer with a proper one-inch head, you’re apparently ripping them off.

Perhaps most remarkable of all is the fact that it took the Post three reporters and another contributor to conduct this “investigation.” It would’ve taken one to fact-check it.

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