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Sixpoint goes to the can

We were pleased last year when Sixpoint Craft Ales had to move some of their brewing operations to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania because they had run out of space in the facility in Brooklyn. It’s good to see that a local brewery’s popularity has taken off, and the move allowed Sixpoint to focus on more small-batch brews.

Now, that move is paying extra dividends. Since the facility in Pennsylvania has a canning line, it appears that Sixpoint will start canning their beer in 16-ounce vessels. That became clear when the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved the above can label on Tuesday. Behold… tallboys of Bengali Tiger, their flagship IPA, now registered with the Feds.

(Side note: not to editorialize, but we’re kind of excited about this. You’d know if you knew how we feel about cans.)

This will be the first time that Sixpoint has individually bottled or canned their beer for retail apart from their Grand Crue, which surfaced in a few select New York City beer stores in 22-ounce bombers.

Late today, we got word that three other beers they brew in Wilkes-Barre - Sweet ActionRighteous Rye, and Sehr Crisp Pilsner - will also be canned. No word yet on when the cans will hit shelves, but given that it’s the perfect outdoor drinking vessel, cans of Sixpoint might be this summer’s feelgood hit.

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