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Updates from Barrier: Recovering Beer, Relief Beer

Barrier Brewing is just starting to get back on its feet after the devastating loss it took in Hurricane Sandy, and it’ll likely be many weeks before new beer is brewed at their Oceanside brewery. But in the meantime, there’s some really good news: there will still be Barrier beer to drink!

First, while the brewery was heavily damaged, brewery partners Evan Klein and Craig Frymark were able to salvage some of their beer from the fermenters that weren’t knocked over in the storm. That beer has been kegged (as seen above) and it’ll be on its way to bars soon. They’re calling it their “Submersion Series.” If there’s any time when you should be drinking a beer to support a brewery, now is that time.

Meanwhile, Klein and Frymark headed up to Cooperstown this week, accepting a kind gesture from Brewery Ommegang's CEO, Simon Thorpe, to brew some beer at their facility in the wake of the storm. The Barrier Relief is a Belgian IPA, naturally, given Ommegang’s roots and Barrier’s past experience with the style. It’ll hover near 6% ABV and, as Barrier says, it’s the hoppiest beer that’s ever been brewed at Ommegang. Look for kegs of that beer to head down to the city in a few weeks.

We continue to wish Barrier the best of luck in their recovery, and can’t wait to raise a glass of post-Sandy beer from Oceanside again soon!

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