Let the Heady Topper madness begin in New York

The long wait is over. We mentioned last month that Vermont brewery The Alchemist was planning to ship their much-praised Heady Topper double IPA to New York City, and we’ve confirmed that the shipment of tallboy cans has arrived to Union Beer's warehouse.

Two huge warnings about this beer: first, it’s obsessed about by beer geeks, so people are going to be going out of their way (and possibly out of their minds) to get this, much to the chagrin of people who just enjoy really, really good beer. Secondly, there is very little of it to go around here in New York. They shipped the same amount of the beer to Boston and Philadelphia in recent months, too, and it went quickly there - and there’s a lot more people here.

In other words, expect to be disappointed. It’ll make getting your hands on a can of this stuff even better.

We’re still waiting for a full list of where the beer will be found, but so far we’ve heard from restaurant Guilty Goose (131 W. 23rd St., at 6th Ave., Chelsea), who’s offering it in cans at their bar, and Blind Tiger Ale House (281 Bleecker St., at Jones St., West Village), who will offer up the cans at 5pm sharp today as part of their weekly “Very Special Keg” series. Get there early, because we don’t expect it to last. In addition, Randolph Beer (343 Broome St., at Bowery, Little Italy) and Top Hops (94 Orchard St., at Broome St., Lower East Side) confirmed they’re getting their shipments this week, too.

And never fear, Westchester! Fans of Heady Topper north of the city can have some at The Craftsman (235 Harrison Ave., at Halstead Ave., Harrison) right now, and will be able to grab some at Birdsall House (970 Main St., at Division St., Peekskill) starting tomorrow.

These are just a few of the many places that will be graced with Heady Topper’s presence. We’ll let you know where else you can get your grubby hands on a can right here when more details come in. Also, follow our Twitter stream for immediate updates!

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