Sixpoint distributes clean water at Occupy Wall Street

Sixpoint’s Ian McConnell fills kegs with clean water (via Sixpoint’s Facebook Page)

Some brewers sit out the politics out of fear of what it might do to their brand’s reputation. Some are only politically active on issues relating to beer. Sixpoint made a rare stance this week, showing their support of the Occupy Wall Street protests by providing clean drinking water to the protestors by filling their empty kegs.

The move was explained through a letter released on its Facebook page by the brewery’s president, Shane Welch:

As a brewery, some people believe our role should be confined to making beer.  But the brewery is not just a collection of tanks, kegs, and equipment - it is comprised of people, and we as individuals live within a community.  And naturally, this community represents our society, which comprises the global culture.

I have witnessed the extraordinary human capacity to create, build, love, persevere and accomplish while at the helm at Sixpoint.  The desire and intention to serve one another, do better, and create beautiful things is infectious.  These intentions act as a magnet within the community, and people quickly take notice.  It is most inspiring when you see the extraordinary human capacity working in concert to make things better for one another.

Right now, within our community, there is an ever-growing group of protesters who have gathered down in the very heart of the financial district near Wall Street.  Some of the most common questions in the media coverage of this phenomenon are, “Why are these people protesting?  What is their purpose?”  Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions here.  Perhaps we should ask, “Why aren’t these people leaving?  Why are the number of protesters growing by the tens of thousands?  Why are these protests now going national and international?”   In my opinion, these are better and more provocative questions to ask.

Let’s face it - these protesters have all the persuasive reasons to just go home.  No one wants to risk being beaten in the head with a nightstick, or get penned up in a mesh cage and pepper sprayed. And of course, there is the public and private disparaging comments about the protesters, being dismissed as radicals, unpatriotic, unemployed losers.  That only begs the question even more - why are these people so committed in their resolve to continue to gather for protest?

I believe the answer lies within the innate sensibility to achieve greatness, even if that greatness is currently suppressed by a reptilian instinct.  We are so interconnected in our modern world - we have boundless human potential that only prior generations could dream of.  Our collective knowledge, creativity, and intellect can be shared, assembled, manufactured, and disseminated at incredible speeds.  Why then, has the standard of living continued to drift downward for the vast majority of people?

Perhaps that is the question we should be asking.  While people ask themselves this question, one thing we will be doing though is helping out the cause by sending in some kegs to the protesters.  Haha, send in beer you say?  No, those kegs have been washed and filled with clean drinking water by our brewers for the protesters.  Its our way of lending support to provide the basic necessities, a little something special from the boys in Brooklyn.  We figured fresh water on tap is a lot better than thousands of plastic bottles.  And once the kegs are returned to the brewery, we can simply clean them and fill them right back up.  Its a zero-waste solution while providing a service.  

As a brewery, some people believe our role should be confined to making beer.  

When I look at our brewery, I don’t see a collection of tanks, kegs and equipment.  I see an innate capacity for greatness, put in motion by human potential.

Shane C. Welch
President, Sixpoint Brewery
Citizen of NYC, Planet Earth

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