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Under Construction: Beer Spots to Watch For

Every time we think there might be too many bars specializing in craft beer, a few more empty spaces start buzzing with activity in anticipation of opening. Here’s a few of the many upcoming beer bars we’re keeping an eye on for opening soon.

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On October 18th, join us for a three-state Barcade bar crawl


Back in 2011, we and Beertography celebrated the opening of Barcade Philadelphia with a bar crawl to all three Barcades in one day using only public transit. Well, by the end of this week, there will be five Barcades, with Barcade New York opening in Chelsea earlier this year and Barcade St. Marks opening on Thursday. On top of that, the original Barcade Brooklyn celebrates its 10th Anniversary this month. In a spark of creative genius (or complete insanity), we’ve decided to celebrate these occasions by reviving the Barcade Crawl to visit all five Barcades in one day: Saturday, October 18th.

Grab an NJ Transit ticket and join us after the jump…

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The Seven Habits of Highly Offensive Beer Snobs


Despite the Brewers Association's depiction of a beer snob, you don't have to be wearing a beret to be one. (Photo via the BA's

In trying to promote idea yesterday that craft beer is not a “hipster” trend, I pointed out that The Sporkful’s Dan Pashman went after a particular type of “hipster beer snob.” David Chang, in a piece today on GQ, described beer snobbery as “combing out my neck beard while arguing about hop varieties.” Beer snobbery is not at all limited to the realm of “hipsters.” Beer snobs come from all walks of life. And beer snobs are insufferable.

Seriously, if you embrace the term “beer snob” and tell people you’re a “beer snob,” you’re doing craft beer a disservice. It’s not just that writers on all beats turn to the beer snob stereotype whenever they need an excuse to deride craft beer; the bad habits of beer snobs can alienate other people from drinking craft beer. And that’s bad for the very brewers you think you’re trying to support.

Maybe you self-describe as a “beer snob” when you actually mean “beer geek.” There’s a distinct difference. Here are seven things that you’re be doing that might make you a beer snob.

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New Brews: NYC’s Brewers Busy Churning Out New Offerings

Time for another edition of New Brews, where we tell you about the new beers arriving on draft lines and beer store shelves around the city. In this edition, we’ll tell you about the new offerings available from breweries around the city, from the big to the nano.

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Is Craft Beer a “Hipster” Trend?

Throngs of “hipsters” stream into the Great American Beer Festival, apparently.

In a well-reasoned and otherwise smart article about beer on Deadspin last week, The Sporkful host Dan Pashman slipped into using a phrase to describe craft beer drinkers that really grinds my gears:

Indeed, there are few more objectionable varieties of hipster than the craft beer enthusiast who claims the mantle of the commoner while displaying the affectation of the snob.

Boiling down passionate craft beer drinkers into a “hipster” stereotype makes my blood boil, because it’s simply not the case. Yes, while Pashman is making a larger point about beer snobbery — a bad habit of craft beer drinkers that I’ve harped on before — portraying the über-est of beer drinkers as “hipsters” is lazy. Worse, it alienates potential craft beer drinkers who see a negative connotation with the term. And the reality is that the demographics just don’t jive with craft beer consumers being anything resembling “hipster.”

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